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October 12, 2023

Let us share some exciting news that will increase your experience in the Dignisia app. Today we release the function to import and use your own forecast in the application. Check out Cash Flow Analysis in the Insight module to start using our latest feature!

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Selling debt

Are you considering selling debt portfolios?

Explore the hot credit management topic of selling debt. The NPL scene is affected by volatile macroeconomics for both originators and investors. For you as seller, we have compiled some best practices on how to optimize the sales process by creating competition, understanding the value of the portfolio and how to increase the attractiveness of it to investors. 

The 2023 credit trend you need to know about: Reusing collection data

A big problem for companies when it comes to debt collection has been the loss of customer data after selling portfolios. By only using internal data (such as pre-default or pre-collection), you can only know so much about your customers. But a new trend has risen, where originators get to use data from the entire credit lifecycle. And this is now becoming the new industry standard.

How to optimize your forward flow strategy

Forward flow isn’t a new way of working. It is however slowly becoming the new standard way of working with debt collection, and you need to be careful that you’re not missing out on profits by not using the right process.

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